Ashford, Ireland, September 21, 2013

We spent the first day of the family visit in Ireland in Wicklow with ocean view and afterwards Mount Usher Gardens, a botanical park with a vast amount of exotic plants and trees that are situated around a central watercourse and that seem a bit strange and out of place on this windy and cold island.

Together with my sister and the 35mm that I talked my father into giving to me I'm strolling through the park and shooting a picture here and there. Sonja is helping me adjusting plants, with these shrubs she has to do it three or four times until I'm happy. Click.

Afterwards we sat down on a bench and totally forgot the time while talking to each other until two different voices were shouting our names, as our parents wanted to drive on.


All images are licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-Sa 4.0) and can be used freely under these terms. Commercial use is forbidden.

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