Color spectrum.

Lahinch, Ireland, August 26, 2013

I exit the Cliffs of Moher information centre and almost get blown away by a wind gust. Happens constantly here. On my right you can find the observation points, to my left you get to the parking lot and some small gift shops that are closed - much to my sister's disappointment. That doesn't keep her from dragging me across to stroll with me in front of the little shops with their dusty displays and shop windows.
I'm quite uninterested as the only stuff these shops might sell are cd's with Irish music, shirts with touristic prints or Gaelic windbells. Sonja is clinging on my arm and drags me into the other direction again as suddenly my interest is awaken. I notice a wooden shed through whose gaps one can see colorful bins, bags and further rubbish. Sonja moans. Click.
(Sonja still isn't fond of the picture. I like it all the more.)


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