Winter Sun.

Oberkochen, Germany, January 29, 2015

I had been really looking forward to having snow around again. Last year I completely missed it and received a bunch of evidence photos a week after I left showing my home covered in snowbanks laughing at me.

The first days it didn't look like snow was happening this year but suddenly everything turned white overnight. Not that that really helped - it took two weeks and a motivating visitor to finally get my out of my warm and comfy room. We took a short but engaging stroll through the forest and talked about quite some different things while using the shutters of our cameras here and there. A hand full of pictures remained - some I will show here during the next days. If we still have snow at home is something that I don't know though.

Many thanks and warmest regards, Matthias, without you I would have never taken a step out of the door.


All images are licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-Sa 4.0) and can be used freely under these terms. Commercial use is forbidden.

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