, July 8, 2013

Part of my assignments during the last semester was producing a portrait in the style of a beauty-, fashion- or lifestyle-magazine. I chose the former. Right from the start it was obvious that I would be dealing with highend beauty retouching. Not because it was part of the assignment but because of me wanting to test my abilities.

A specification of the assignment was that the image had to be shot in a studio environment with artificial light. Regarding the light I chose a rather simple setup consisting out of a beauty dish in front of Bianca, a reflector in front of the upper body to bounce back some light in order to kill the shadow underneath the chin and furthermore two lights for the background to lit it evenly. On top of that I added a small spot behind her creating highlights in the hair that make it appear more intense.

The goal for the retouching part was getting an even and flawless skin without a fake and porcelain like appearance. The other thing I put emphasis on was the color and contrast of the vibrant red hair and the 'pale' skin.

Many thanks to Bianca for taking the spot in front of my camera. It was a very nice shoot and even though I was quite pedantic she was patient until I was satisfied. Thanks also goes to Claudia for being a superb assistant and to Katie for stepping in as a light model before Bianca arrived.

Time spent: 0,5h setup and testing the light, 1h shoot, 2 days of retouching.

The picture I handed in was a symmetrical frontal portrait but personally I prefer this crop because it is more intense. Also the picture got selected for the college's brochure 2013/2014.


All images are licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-Sa 4.0) and can be used freely under these terms. Commercial use is forbidden.

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